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AFRASIA is a full service engineering consultancy firm dedicated exclusively to servicing the unique needs and challenges of the mining, energy and environmental industries. AFRASIA provides state of the art consultancy services and solutions based on the best practices in the industry and prepares its clients to meet the challenges of  in the 21st century.

In mining, AFRASIA’s focus is on delivering professional technical, operational and engineering support to all phases of the mining operations from exploration to mine closure.

In energy, AFRASIA focuses on smart, sutainable and renewable energy solutions and aims turn-key delivery of the projects cost effectively.

In environment, Afrasia helps its customers to achieve their sustainability goals by providing solutions on enviromental and climate change strategies, carbon management, effective and sustainable use of energy, sustainable building design and certification. Afrasia offers a wide range of environmental services and specific solutions for each client’s needs.

The services include Mineral Prospecting and Target Generation, Planning and Supervision of Exploration Programmes, Surveying, Resource Evaluation & Estimation, Mine Design and Production Scheduling, Scoping, Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies, Mineral Process Engineering, Technical Due Diligence, Competent Person’s Reports, Mine Infrastructure Engineering and Project Management for both surface and underground mines. As mining consultants, Afrasia provides professional technical support and stand by its clients from very small to large multinational mining operations throughout the mining life cycle.

Increasing the efficiency of mining companies through operational improvement and training is also among the services of Afrasia.  

With its traditional culture and practices, the mining industry that was once fueling the industrial revolution globally, but later some of its aspects have changed, and shifted attitudes towards land use practices and heightened concern for the environment. Today a successful and profitable mining business requires good planning, knowledge and management of resources, and an ongoing full cycle of permitting and reporting with social and environmental aspects of the business in mind.  This view is highly complex and extensive, and it needs new engineering and operational approach with respective technical skills, know-how and integrity covering all aspects of the mining life cycle and social responsibility.

AFRASIA consultants are aware of the changes in mining, energy and environment  industries and the imposed demands on our consultants to offer better solutions with greater technical knowledge with social and environmental aspects in mind.

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Consultancy services

Consultancy services

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Geological services

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Best Business Practices

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Corporate Information

AFRASIA is very dynamic company delivering independent, strategic and qualified professional services and consultancy work for mining companies, engineering firms, financial institutions and investors. Learn More...

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