Kyoto Solar Thermal

A Radical Approach to Solar Energy


The Butterfly Solar Farm System represents a new path in solar energy. By using commodity materials, it is able to produce energy at costs lower than or equal to more polluting fossil energy sources. With Butterfly, there is no longer a price premium for clean energy. It is the cheapest form of energy known to humanity.


Heliostats and Towers

A field of mirrors (“heliostats”) automatically redirects the sunshine onto a receiver mounted on a 25 meter pole.



The Butterfly system is built using commodity materials such as aluminum, plastic and steel.



Designed to be assembled on-site using simple tools, installation can be performed by locals, with minimal training. Plumbers and electricians connect the wires and pipes.



The Kyoto Heliostat automatically follows the sun’s path across the sky and reflects the light onto the receiver. The mirrors are made of a highly reflective silver-based foil laminated onto a plastic substrate. This makes the mirrors virtually impossible to break. The heliostats are mounted using ground screws and the mechanical support is all made from ever-lasting aluminum profiles.

The KyotoGear tracking system enable extremely precise positioning onto the receiver. The electronic controller uses gyroscopes and a wireless mesh network for control, and is self-powered by a single solar cell. This removes the need to connect the heliostats using wires. One of the most important functions is canting, which allows the four mirrors to overlap on the target, which again increases the concentration ratio.


Electricity Generation

The Receiver contains thousands of small solar cells, one square centimeter each. Since the concentration is about 1000 times, the amount of solar cell area compared to normal solar panels is less than 0,1% leading to lower costs.


The World’s Best Solar Cells

The Butterfly solar cells are of the same kind as used on the Mars Rovers, which have been in operation on Mars since 2004 with great success. The efficiency is twice as good as the best silicon based cells, and they can operate reliably at much higher temperatures.


Combined Heat and & Power

The Butterfly system produces both electricity and hot water. Being able to harvest over 50% of the sun’s energy, it i s one of the most efficient solar energy systems in the world. The heat can be used for a number of important tasks, such as freezers, crop drying or desalination. These are all important tasks in arid and semi-arid areas that are not cost effective using other forms of energy.

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