Mine Operations Management System (MOMS)

DRA is proud to announce the development of its new software solution, set to revolutionise the future of automated plant control in the mining industry.  The DRA Mine Operations Management System (MOMS) controls the flow of information between systems within a mine; providing transparency, control and reporting functionality directly from the mine to the boardroom.

The biggest challenge for mining companies is to meet high demand by increasing ore throughput while maintaining quality. Thus, measuring downtime and identifying its causes are important contributions that MOMS can make in the industry.

The planning functionality of MOMS is important for mining industries because upstream production processes have to be synchronised with logistics and transport. MOMS Solutions help to synchronise and account for the time, energy and equipment required in all operations.

MOMS support processes in the production chain. In the ore beneficiation phase, for example, MOMS can focus on data collection and reporting. Here data from a local PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems is collected and archived. This information is then reported on with regards to efficiencies, production stops, yields, quality etc. This data forms the baseline for continuous improvement efforts. Due to the fact that ore qualities vary, these improvement programs have to pay special attention to the efficiency of the processing plants. For example, the grinding process can suddenly experience a decrease in performance due to change in the quality of the ore. MOMS detects the changes in ore quality, track and record the activities and results of processing, and alert automated systems that a new control strategy should be deployed. This is much cheaper than the alternate approach of maintaining expensive stockpiles of material to blend in the mix to maintain quality.

MOMS can also play a role in managing downtime. When connected to a PLC, MOMS can detect start and stop times of equipment and register the causes of the problems, helping operations to identify and mitigate problems, and ultimately improve throughput.

Scheduling on a mine is a complex task. Mine and supply chain schedules need to be synchronised, but these are typically managed on separate systems, one specialized for mining and the other for logistics. Optimising these operations is very complex, but typically provides large return and MOMS can be the key to the cross system coordination process.

Finally, mining often uses trucks to transport ore from pit to ROM stockpile. Various on-board systems monitor the health, fuel consumption, pay load, tire conditions etc. The data from these systems must be collected and sent to a central MOMS system, and this requires effective communications networks. Connections have to be good in all kinds of weather, and telemetry infrastructure must be able to cope with geographical changes of the mine pit, routes and mobile fleet.

This unique system is designed from a mineral processing mind set, as opposed to the traditional IT perspective taken by similar systems integrators in the industry, which allows the MOMS system to provide instant feedback and tangible ROI’s once it has been installed. The modular nature of the system makes it cost effective to implement across all commodities, and can be customised to meet clients’ specific needs.

For more details see the article in Mining Weekly Mining Weekly.

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