The AmmLeach

New mineral processing technology developed by UK based Alexander Mining plc and owned by its wholly owned subsidiary MetaLeach Limited is set to revolutionize the extraction of base metals at the mine site.

AmmLeach® process

The AmmLeach® process (patents granted and pending) is a new process for the extraction of base metals, especially copper, zinc and cobalt from amenable ore deposits and concentrates.  The process utilises ammonia based chemistry to selectively extract metals from ores under ambient conditions of temperature and pressure.  The target ores will typically be high acid consuming, although AmmLeach® is also a viable alternative to acid leach processes as it is far more selective and offers a considerable number of technical and economic benefits.

The technology consists of the same three major stages as acid processes i.e. leaching, solvent extraction (SX) and electrowinning (EW).  The leaching occurs in two steps, an ore specific pre-treatment which converts the metals into a soluble form and the main leaching step, which uses recycled raffinate from the solvent extraction stage.  Solvent extraction is used to separate and concentrate the metals, whilst also changing from ammoniacal media to acid sulphate media from which metals can be directly electrowon using industry standard unit operations. 

One of the key benefits of the AmmLeach® process is that, unlike some new technologies, it requires no special purpose built equipment.  The AmmLeach® process can directly replace acid leaching in an existing operation. Alexander’s business model is to licence its technology to mining companies for a gross sales royalty and/or minority equity interest in projects.

Turkey has excellent potential for Alexander’s processing technology and it has formed a strategic technical partnership in the country with the Ebullio Group (‘Ebullio’) which is focused on building a significant mining company in the country.  

Alexander is already investigating the potential exciting use of AmmLeach® technology for a range of base metals projects.  The projects comprise Hakkari – a major zinc oxide resource target, Sivas Copper – major copper plus gold, nickel & cobalt resource potential and Tufanbeyli – prominent zinc prospects with target for high tonnage.

See more about HyperLeach® process here. You may also examine it at Alexander's web site here and also at Metaleach's website here.

Please contact AFRASIA for more information on AmmLeach® process.

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