Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality (SHERQ)
A Total Approach By Afrasia For Zero Tolerance And Loss

In the aftermath of the SOMA disaster the Turkish authorities and Mining industry are still in shock at the depth and breadth of the negligence that has been allowed to continue in mining in Turkey, most especially under the management by private operators.  Consequently it is AFRASIA’s belief that the big RED reset button has been pressed finally and a more diligent industry and less tolerant authority and administration will be the result.

At AFRASIA we see the broader horizon and purpose for Safety, Health, Environment, Risk Management and Quality (SHERQ) management and procedure to provide instruction and guidance to AFRASIA’s managers responsible from its projects and operations, personnel appointed to execute its projects and operations (both Office and Site based personnel) and Subcontractors to manage risk, eradicate losses of any kind and create sustainability.

This SHERQ plan outlines the organization and arrangements for managing SHERQ and the AFRASIA Client Projects for mining and exploration phase incorporating activities within the Ankara Offices and site locations.   Everybody, who works for AFRASIA is responsible for getting SHERQ right.

SHERQ performance, and the continued health, safety and security of everyone who works for AFRASIA, including AFRASIA’s Sub-Contractors, any other third parties, including the general public are critical to the success of the company.

The company SHERQ Procedure is an integral part of the SHERQ Management System that is based on the OHSAS 18001- Occupational Health and Safety Management System and 4857-Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Management System.   The essence of the client Licence management, Mining and exploration works, etc., is the setting of objectives based on project SHERQ policy which contain these aspects.

The AFRASIA - SHERQ Team in conjunction with the AFRASIA’s employees have developed, implemented and maintained a SHERQ Management System for the whole phase of the project and developments.   Within the SHERQ Management System, supporting procedures and instructions have been developed, many of which apply to the project’s activities. These supporting procedures and instructions will be adhered and referred to, during the construction phase and its associated activities.

The SHERQ Management system has been designed to ensure the successful delivery of AFRASIA’s SHERQ commitment, expectations and legal compliance.   Management have and will further ensure that competent personnel should be appointed to key positions in the company organization to aid development and implementation of positive SHERQ behaviour to achieve success with regard to the expectations and objectives at all levels.

AFRASIA’s SHERQ standards and procedures are in compliance with international best practice and the relevant national laws and regulations as listed below:

  • Project design basis documentation,
  • Turkish National SHE Legislation and Law,
  • World Bank Guidelines,
  • Equator principles.
  • ILO agreements, 
  • Other EU legislative requirements.

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